Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Degree Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corporate Social Responsibility Degree - Essay drillBut, I would like to say that these employees consist of only internal society of the corporation and there is an extraneous society too out side of our corporations four corners.In addition to selling our brand products at home, we have been regularly exporting our items to far and wide places in the world, especially Asian and African countries, indicating strongly that our fortunes are heavily linked to those people. But, take a look atI propose that our social club should take the lead at least this year in effectively fulfilling our CSR. As a send-off step toward this, the management should form a separate CSR wing at our incarnate office for identifying straitlaced areas of CSR at home and abroad. As a senior employee of the company, I assure you full cooperation from the employees in retentiveness the commitment towards CSR. On our part, we are ready to contribute a bit financially too from our salaries to accessory y our funding for our CSR projects.As a second step, our company should join hands with UKs major charity establishment Water Aid which has been providing safe drinking water, sanitation and hygienic education to the poorest of the poor people in some African and Asian countries (What we do, Where we work.). Using sustainable and practical technologies, Water Aid has 4been nigh working with locals in India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and some other needy countries to improve quality of life of the downtrodden. Several corporate companies have already joined hands with the Water Aid and been continuously sharing the honours in alleviating the sufferings of the underprivileged around the world. Let us also join them and share the honours along with several(prenominal) others.Yours sincerely Mr.X(Human Resources Division)5ReferencesWhat we do, (Water Aid UK, London), retrieved January 10, 2006 fromhttp//www.wateraid.org.uk/uk/default.asp1Dated 10-01-2006. ToThe PresidentABC CorporationLondon olden Sir,As an x-corporate division direct of XYZ Corporation, I feel elated in formally seeking a placement in your prestigious organisation. I have a vast experience of 20 days in the company in executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects at home and abroad. As you know very well, XYZ is the leader in CSR and known internationally for its commitment to the society. During my tenure as head of its CSR division, we have continuously implemented several CSR projects making the XYZ Corporation much 2more popular. Of course, the temper of xyz Corporation on its CSR front was due to the contribution of several of its employees who participated in the programmes.Your company

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