Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Heart foundation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Heart foundation - Essay Example Understanding and analyzing the aspects of this provides the ability to help the corporation to continue to grow while allowing the right focus to continue to be a part of the goals and objectives of the Heart Foundation. The industry and market for the Heart Foundation in Australia is one of the competitive strengths of the industry. Currently, the Heart Foundation is one of the only recognized national associations that works with different individuals for information and positive promotion of preventing heart disease. They have incorporated their strategy not only as an independent venture, but also by associating with farmers and manufacturers who are primarily responsible for heart health. More importantly, there is a strong demand to find answers to better health, specifically with a focus on heart failure. Chronic heart failure is responsible for 25-50% of illness and death in Australia, making it one of the leading causes of disease. However, there are few answers provided by industries to change this (McLennan et al, 443, 2005). For the Heart Foundation, this provides them with a strong demand in the health industry while allowing them to stay ahead because there are no other competitive fac tors in the industry. The company analysis is able to combine with the overall goals and objectives of helping to promote and prevent heart failure among adults. The company’s mission is to assist with information and activities which can promote a healthier Australia. The objectives are to focus on different age groups that are at risk for heart failure and to promote exercise, active living, dietary styles and preventative measures for heart disease. This is followed with information that is used to find ways to reduce and stop the problems with heart failure. The company has created a blue print to assist with health, all which is based on community wide benefits for health, promoting new levels of physical activity and

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