Friday, January 31, 2020

The car crash Essay Example for Free

The car crash Essay Joni woke remembering that she still needed to get out of the car her last thought before shed fell unconscious, even though the bright lights stung her eyes her headache worse than before. She pushed her self up onto her elbows, groaning quietly at the pain that suddenly shot down her arm in response to this movement, though she couldnt tell whether they were cut or bruised. Trying to open her eyes Joni squinted at the bright strip lights directly above her. A strong antiseptic smell filled her nostrils causing a nauseous feeling to wash over her. A noise that sounded as though it was coming from far in the distance was beeping in a steady rhythm, sounded amplified against the otherwise still silence. Trying to look round the room Jonis eyesight, which was not yet adjusted to the bright light, saw that her surroundings consisted of mainly white. The dark shape of a man sitting by Jonis bed stood out against the whiteness of the room. The man wore casual clothes so he couldnt have been a doctor or nurse, and yet Joni didnt know who this man was or why he was visiting her. Ssshh, lie back down you need your rest now an unfamiliar voice told her, standing up from where he was sitting he looked tall leaning over Jonis bed. But she tried to answer being interrupted not only by the constant throbbing of her head but also the man continuing to speak. Deciding that lying down was a good suggestion Joni did as the man had told her, but was still fighting to keep her usually clear blue eyes open which felt red and sore. Im really sorry there was nothing that I could do, you drove straight into me before swerving off the edge of the road. I just wanted to stay with you at least until your family or someone came, so that you wouldnt be alone when you woke. The man told Joni in a low but concerned tone of voice. Joni relaxed realising that she was now safe in one of the hospital beds not too far from home. She recalled what had happened that had made her end up here. Jonis vision had blurred at the bright headlights approaching from the car  heading towards her. Outside the increasing rain splattered heavily on the roof of Jonis car to the same rhythm of her thumping head. It was only 11.30 when Joni had decided to leave the party early, feeling yet another headache coming on, the one that she was now suffering from. Joni hadnt had anything to drink, partly as she had wanted to drive home but also as she had been topped up with paracetamol for the past few weeks miserably trying to fight of the constant headaches though theyd had little affect. It was mid November; the wipers on Jonis old car, which her Dad had bought her only the year before to make do with until she could afford her own was having difficulty keeping the windscreen, clear of the heavy rain. The car ahead was getting closer and the lights getting brighter, it must now have been about 12.00, as Joni was driving down the sandy cliff edge road about 10 minuets from home. The road had been cut out of the dusty hillside in which Joni lived. The road itself was little more than a dusty track, turning quickly into mud as the rain beat down. One side of the road exceptionally dark with trees thickening into woodland the other a steep drop eventually ending in the distance with another small village embedded amongst the hills which could only be seen due to its thousands of glittering lights. The road didnt have any lights of its own Jonis own car lights and the lights from the car ahead were the only thing illuminating the dark road. Jonis eyes stung transfixed on the road ahead, her head still pounding somewhat worse than they were earlier and then Joni could remember nothing for what could have barely been a minuet. I must have blacked out she told the man in some sort of an explanation. The next thing that she could remember was colliding with the car that had been approaching, in her dazed state of mind Joni then tried to control the car from falling off the edge of the cliff. She felt the tumbling weight of the car, with her in it feeling like a metal ball inside a pinball machine,  only she was being thrown around inside the car. Then silence as the car suddenly sat still knowing that this could only mean that she had finally reached the bottom of the cliff she tried to host herself from the wreckage feeling a warm liquid trickling down her face which could only be blood she fell unconscious. I pulled you from the car as soon as I got down to the bottom of the cliff, it was a pretty steep climb, then called for an ambulance, I didnt think that you was still alive The man explained. Thank you Joni replied, looking at him for the first time noticing that he could be no more than 18. He had dark eyes brown or grey with longish dark which was ruffled and matted with mud and dry blood probably mine Joni thought, his face full of small cuts and bruises defined his boyish features. He shrugged shyly smiling It was nothing

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