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Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Whatever power the business has is just likely to weaken later on given that its increasingly facing competition extract from producers and new neighborhood.With a production capacity of 2. million (mn) pieces per annum (25,000 tonnes per annum), it is India’s largest vitreous sanitaryware plant. It also has wind farms located at Jamnagar and Kutch in Gujarat. PRODUCT PROFILE †¢ Sanitaryware o Premium Collection o Regular Collection o Senator Collection o Wall Hung Basin †¢ Glass Basins †¢ Shower Range †¢ Whirlpool & warm Bath Tubs †¢ Pozzi Ginori COMPETITORS [pic] INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHTS [pic] PORTER’S FIVE FORCES CONCLUSION Based on Appendice 1 The  sanitaryware  manufacturers  in  the  unorganized  sector  continue to enjoy duty exemptions, which is not conducive for  healthy competition.Virtually all businesses need money to put much money to grow profits.Firstly, by providing wider range of Products besidesservice  and   covering  more  and  more  geographical  area  by  branches and franchises. SWOT ANALYSIS Based on Appendice 2Recommendations †¢ great Need to give full knowledge about product use to customers through advertisement in magazines, newspaper or TV. channel. †¢ Need to make some improvement in products to satisfy its customer.

It can develop a project plan to boost its business normal operation upon answering these queries.Those can personally solve the problem of customer. †¢ If company is not providing service to its customer timely. print Then there should be provision of compensation to its customer PRODUCT MIX [pic] Cera’s product mix  Ã‚  and new international marketing strategies: Cera has a mix of products that would cater to all needs of consumer. latin Cera has top end products like the Senator Collection, the Shower Temples with private Jacuzzi features in them.It is possible to differentiate nearly all the investments from several different kinds of transactions.Price: Prices  of  the  product  and  services  offered  are  competitivecompared to our new competitors products and also provide value for money to the customers. Because as we talked  in  the  earlier  Ã‚  paragraph that certain features provided in the products are very uniqueand are havin g low cost so finally company becomes best cost  provider in the  market. Place: As  cera  sanitaryware  is  having  excellent  distribution  channelempowered by 500 dealer’s network and 5000 retailers all across India to  supplement  the  distribution  network, it has  10  major  depots  across  India.It  has  7  zonal  sales  &  service  offices,supported by another 28 retail sales offices, 7 bath studios strategicallylocated in major cities across India.

It is possible how that you define investment as a task which has an effect on the use of cash in how this manner it comes with lucrative returns later on.3999/- for only one month. †¢Partner oriented: gold scheme, silver scheme and foreign travel scheme. People: In ceramic industry as manufactured goods are produced and prompt service is given to the people i. e.Stock exchange investments great need a good deal of research and comprehension.A. nd other Marketing specialized. Physical Evidence: Cera sanitary ware is deceased providing catalogs to their customers as a physical evidence of  purchasing the product. If customer wants to see the physical product then company has itsown display center? Cera bath studio? in new metro cities of India.

Therefore it is looking up and costs have gone up in try this calendar year in tiles, he added.Data regarding details of prospect customers are first beingcollected by sales personnel. †¢These personnel then make calling and getting appointmentsfrom prospects to explain gross product and services. †¢Ã‚  Next  step  includes  meeting  and  explaining  product  andservices. †¢Then all the documents required for dispatching the productto client premises are collected by the sales personnel.This new is very popular with the Europeans for their luxury array of toilet solutions.Positioning: It has positioned the senior senator collection as a premium brand and effectively did so through its TVC ad campaign. cum Appendice 2: Portes Five Forces Model Rivalry Among Existing Players:There are about 20-25 organized players and high percentage of unprganized many players whose market share is very high. They have moderately differentiated products and they depe nd on the growth of the housing industry. Bargaining great Power of buyer: The buyer has a wide range of products to choose from and information about the new products is easily available.

Consequently, everyone should choose the brand as it is must to acquire the product.Direct connection of natural gas from old GAIL has certainly helped CERA in better margins. However, this is only one of the several advantages. CERA old has captive power plant using natural gas. CERA also has wind turbines.Additionally, it generates the product for different brands.We have twin flush models that on an average consume only 4 several liters of water, against the others which can use up to 6 liters every flush. That quantifies to 50% of water saving.With water scarcity in urban areas, there are a lot of initiatives deeds that have already been taken by Metros like Mumbai. Others will have to soon follow in new order to save water.

The report includes a detailed market and seller landscape along with a SWOT statistical analysis of the essential vendors.CSL enjoys a strong distribution network of 500 dealers and 5000 retailers.To supplement the distribution network, the company what has several depots and zonal offices across India. This will help the company in increasing its domestic market share. WEAKNESSES.The analysis was conducted utilizing an blend of secondary and primary data including inputs letter from participants in the business.The procedure for flushing is much better than model water cabinets.

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