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Curriculum design and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Curriculum design and development - Essay Example During this time students will be introduced to literature searching, analytical and presentational (PowerPoint) skills Phase 2 – Experimental. Students will be allocated supervisors and must complete a monthly progress report and attend any meets as deemed necessary by the supervisor. At the end of this period the student must submit a draft report, which will receive feedback from the supervisor Phase 3 – Final analysis and writing-up. The student will prepare a written report in the style of a scientific publication, including references (and will present their work to the staff and student cohort in the form of a PowerPoint presentation Teaching and Learning Strategy The Project Module provides an opportunity for the student to use the information-gathering, theoretical, practical and analytical skills that have been developing during the course. In addition, communication skills are developed during the preparation and presentation of the final project report in bo th a written form and as a PowerPoint presentation. Students will be encouraged to develop their own project ideas and liaise both with their clinical mentor and the project module tutor to ensure that these result in a sensible hypothesis and experimental design that may test the hypothesis. As such a wide variety of pieces of work may qualify for this module, including audits, questionnaire based studies, work with focus groups, reviews of scientific literature to gather data/information for analysis, analysis of any relevant databases or records of treatment histories. All projects will need to be approved in line with the Faculty’s policies on Health and Safety, ensuring Ethical Considerations and adherence with Peer Review of Scientific Proposals. INDICATIVE Assessment Number of Assignments Assessment Type/Duration/ Wordcount (indicative only) Learning Outcomes being assessed 1 log book/ monthly progress reports and performance judged by the supervisor and clinical mento r 3, 4, 5 1 Project write-up 2-3000 words 1. 2. 3. 6. 7 1 Presentation 15 min 1. 2. 3. 6. 7 Module Pass Requirements For successful completion of the module a mark of at least 40% must be achieved in each assessed component. Bibliography and Learning Support Material This will be entirely dependent on the project title selected. New Module MODULE DESCRIPTOR Module Title Orthodontic Therapy Project Module Code OT103 Module Delivery Year Module TUTOR Hemant Patel date Approved 13th August 2008 VERSION NUMBER 1 DEPARTMENT Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education PARTNER INSTITUTION None Overview Of The Course This Orthodontic Therapy Project is a module that lasts for a year aimed at training Dental Care professionals to become Orthodontic Therapists. This is one of the centers that have been approved to offer such a training program. Relationship with other Modules Co-requisites None Pre-requisites None Excluded Combinations None Project Aims The aims of the project are to: enable student to utilise and enhance the relevant skills that they have developed

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