Sunday, August 25, 2019

Crime Causation Unit 3DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Crime Causation Unit 3DB - Essay Example According to the rational theory individuals have alternative courses of action and calculate which option is best for them (Walklate, 2007). They choose the option that is likely to give them the highest level of satisfaction. For example an individual who decides to steal a car may find it rewarding because of the joy he/she is going to derive from riding and recognition from other. On the other hand, this person has the option of spending all his savings and buy a car. Similarly he is aware that car theft may lead to his/her imprisonment, social rejection resulting from the individuals’ conviction. The police departments prefer the rational choice philosophy to positivism. This is because the police believe that the offenders are aware of the laws and understands the consequences of breaking the governing rules (Mathieu, 2006). Most of the time the police departments do not take into consideration under what circumstances the crime came about. They also believe that individuals should be punished for their crimes through being sent to prison and the punishment should be proportionate to the crime (Siegel, 2003). Police departments believe that their surveillance can be used to deter criminals from committing

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