Monday, August 12, 2019

Medium Research Methodology Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Medium Methodology - Research Paper Example A quantitative approach was adopted for this study. It was vital to impose primary demands on the data collection. This is in order to study and know how the British national newspapers have constructed ‘binge drinking’ as a social problem. The research study is primarily and mainly dealing with how have the British national newspapers constructed ‘binge drinking’ as a social problem and not generalized approaches (Iwere, 2010). Additionally, the relationships between the variables will be analyzed in great detail by the research. The analysis will include testing the variation effect within factors which influence the British national newspapers to construct ‘binge drinking’ as a social problem. The approach (quantitative) was the most suitable approach for the study since the research question required needed a statistical answer and solution. Critcher, (pg. 154) stated that a quantitative study approach is often characterized by statistical measurements and figures whereas a qualitative approach is best suited for research questions which require a descriptive solution and answer. The research focused on finding the coverage of a small sample of British newspapers on binge drinking. Consequently, a quantitative paradigm was used to collect data for the research because it is more relevant and suitable. This was made up of newspaper articles which were meant and aimed to illustrate the findings of the study from the perspective of the research participant. To satisfy the demands of depth, the need for detailed information or data about binge drinking and the British media necessitated the use of more newspaper articles. Also, the use of many articles enabled the study to come up with reliable results and information.

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