Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Word Processing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Word Processing - Assignment Example Many people therefore access PCs since they are affordable rather than purchasing the Mac computers. In another case concerning better variety aspects, PCs are available with numerous configurations compared to Mac computers which have less variety because of being limited to only Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro (Towers, 32). The PCs have a better broadband support which involves the Internet Service Provider (ISP) compared to Mac machine which do no effectively work with the ISP. On the other hand Mac allows running windows via Boot Camp in a way which is legal as PCs posses a support system which is wide in terms of freeware and ecosystem options. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as broad bands has been introduced in relation to PCs and Mac computers usage (Towers, 12). There are many pros and cons in relation to PCs and Mac machines such as computers. In respect to pros of the PCs, compatibility is enhanced since every application; either game or driver will work on windows in context. Another pro of the PCs is that there is enhancement of technical support since there are many users who can offer one help with windows. The cons of the PCs include, the availability of viruses making individuals to buy anti-virus programs although free ones are available (Towers, 18). Another con is that PCs be come slow since their windows require a lot of computer resources such as processor. On the other hand, pros of the Mac computer include, Apple Macs almost having no viruses compared to PCs. One of the cons of the Mac computers is that they are expensive compared to PCs and they are only available on Apple computers. I recommend that one should use the Mac computers since they are more convenient compared to PCs. The PCs are old-fashioned and traditionally based while the Mac computers are the modern ones technologically. When Mac computers are purchased, they are not pre-loaded with trial ware and crapware unlike PCs which need new pre-installed programs.

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