Friday, November 1, 2019

Immigration issue Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Immigration issue - Research Paper Example However, the U.S. has also witnessed rising number of illegal immigrants into the U.S. since the late 19th century an issue, which has triggered a strong debate in American politics. The illegal immigration of Mexicans into the U.S. has particularly been very controversial throughout history. This is because of the security threats posed by the illegal immigrants from Mexico. The concerns have been catalyzed by the September 11 terrorist attacks that left many Americans dead and scores injured. This has seen the border between the two countries being closed and reopened several times due to a number of reasons, according to Frum (270). The Mexican workers have contributed significantly to the development of the economy and prosperity of the U.S. Mexican workers have been regarded as efficient and strong. Additionally, unlike the Native Americans and other immigrants, they were willing to accept low wages in inhumane conditions. Despite the positive contribution of the Mexican immigra nts to the U.S. economy, they have also impacted negatively both on the U.S. and Mexico, as well. The debatable question in Congress pertains to how to gain better control of the U.S. borders in order to stop illegal immigration. This paper discusses the history of the Mexican immigrants into the U.S. This will then be followed by the various strategies that can be employed to solve the issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico. ... Immigration occurs for a number of reasons most of which are economical, according to US Immigration Support (2). The living expenses and wage rates differ significantly from one country to another. For instance, the living standards in poor third world countries are far below that of developed countries. As a result, individuals from poor underdeveloped countries find it prudent to move to other countries, which they believe have better living standards than their own countries. This has seen many people from underdeveloped countries immigrate in their numbers into developed countries such as the United States. Mexican citizens are a classical example of poor individuals who are yearning for a far higher living standard, as in the U.S., observed Grayson (par.2). The economic pressure for the poor Mexican is so high to the extent that when legal means is restricted, they find it prudent to immigrate illegally, according to US Immigration Support (4). This has seen the number of illeg al Mexican immigrants increase significantly over the years, something that has been a controversial issue for the Americans. The history of Mexican immigration into the U.S. dates back to 1850s, when the first Mexican immigrant came into the U.S. The number of Mexican immigrants into the U.S. increased since then and by 1880’s about 55,000 Mexican workers had immigrated to the U.S. to work in farms that had belonged to Mexico, according to Dinan (par.5). At this time, the Mexican workers institution in the U.S. was well established in the mining industry, commercial agriculture, and railroad and light industries. The Mexican poor had a extremely poor working conditions and low remuneration. Dinan reveals that the presence of the Mexican workers began with

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