Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Should School Curriculum be Standardized for All Essay

Should School Curriculum be Standardized for All - Essay Example Given this perspective, this paper will seek to set forth why there is need for a standardized school curriculum to all. To begin with, the current system of school curriculum has a multi track system whereby, learners do not have equal learning objectives. Consequently, cases of failure are prevalent amongst many students. The backdrop of this argument seeks to put across that, there is need to have a school curriculum that students have control over what enters their minds (Anderson 69). This will provide an advent opportunity that is of paramount importance to their ability to understand and comprehend with what tutors pass on to them. Presence of a school curriculum where young people can control their learning decisions directly can present students with an aspect with a power to cultivate proficiency (Ross 27). This is because, schools provide an environment that is exclusive from what is countering the outside world and with that respect, standardizing the school curriculum is a requirement acceptable to all as well. Arguably, there is need to have a standardized school curriculum that enables students to interact more with their educators. It is intriguing to understand that it is important to have a set standard of school curriculum that provides a fundamental right to learn. ... It is the responsibility of the school curriculum to provide a balance for both students and educators (Ross 51). According to a number of educational analysts, a standard school curriculum is a vital system of education since it has an equal and quintessential influence on students, which in turn leads to equal and balanced learning. Standardized school curriculum is advantageous hence, its need since it provides learners with self-motivation. With reference to research findings, it is arguable that not many learners like attending school (Phelps 40). Nevertheless, a cognitive prospectus highlights that, a standardized school curriculum does not only provide a basis to developing honesty within learners, but also cultivates self-motivation (Long 54). Motivation is a fundamental aspect in students as it determines the future of the student given the fact that education is beneficial to every person. At this point, you should be able to understand that the standardized school curricul um only assists all learners in making decisions regarding their future rather than leave that opportunity to either the students or parents. It is a joint decision that involves rules set out by the curriculum, prospects of the parents or guardians, and the choice of the learner (Anderson 83). Moreover, standardized school curriculum brings about a sense of specialization and adaptation. This system has the potential to compromise the inputs of both the learner and educators. Today’s generation requires an adaptive curriculum in both the school and in the curriculum itself. Just as some proponents of standardized school curriculum asserts, the world of today needs a curriculum that excludes what is not essential and includes almost every

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