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Promoting Health in the Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Promoting Health in the Community - Essay ExampleRates for attempted suicide related to first register at a rate of 0.3% for men and 0.5% for women (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). These statistics in Australia are alarming which incidentally reflect similar rates in the global scene. To bid the problems of depression in the country, causes, risk factors, and taproom in the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels will be discussed to include strategies to overcome some barriers. Causes of depression Depression is caused by miscellaneous factors. One is the cumulative negative life experiences such as violence, chronic poverty, divorce, and death (Burns, Andrews, & Szabo, 2002). In the same study, adversities experienced by individuals specifically in adolescents during their teenage age years are identified as another cause. Teenagers with poor interpersonal skills and with negative thoughts result in peer relationship difficulties and in make do with family issues (Robinson, 2008). In addition, the individuals cognitive qualities exert some influence into a persons interpretation of negative life events. ... Low self esteem is also considered a predictor of adolescent depression as reflected in their poor physical and academic performance in school. Individuals with poor social skills are likely to develop symptoms of depression of particular concern are those experiencing difficulties in keep backing social relationship (Cole, 2001). Lastly, workplace stress is also related to senior high school incidents of depression. Potential health outcomes Depression can lead to a variety of health outcomes. First, it can bring about physical symptoms such as change magnitude blood pressure, heart rate, palpitation, and headache which may result to stroke or heart attacks if it persists (Horn and Miller, 2008). Second, it alters the emotional aspect as evident in the person experiencing sadness, irritability, style swings, and hostility. Next, it affects behaviour so that the person starts blaming others, becomes defensive among others. Eventually, it alters the cognitive dimension of the person predisposing him to poor memory, excessive daydreaming, trouble concentrating, and preoccupation. Prevention strategies Primary prevention Primary prevention involves reducing the incidences of the disorder to include modifying risk factors. Initially, the individual should involve herself in sport activities of his interest. Such physical activity may not only maintain physical wellness but it diverts the brain from processing depressive thought (Weaver, 2009) and it also turn off the mind from boring daily routines. Another is to practice comfort exercises like yoga, meditation, and listening to soft music since these may unwind and recharge the body and soul. Exercise for adult has become a part of community

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