Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Retail World of McDonald's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Retail World of McDonalds - Essay ExampleThis essay reveals the retail food topic of The McDonalds Corporation, that primarily franchises and operates McDonalds restaurants. Of the 31,377 restaurants in 118 countries at year-end 2007, 20,505 are operated by franchisees (including 2,781 operated by developmental licensees), 3,966 are operated by affiliates and 6,906 are operated by the Company. The Company continues to focus its management and financial resources on the McDonalds restaurant business as it is believed that the opportunities for semipermanent growth rebriny significant. The unique business relationship among the Corporation, its franchisees and suppliers (collectively referred to as the System) has been key to McDonalds success over the years. This business model enables The McDonalds to play an integral role in the communities they serve and consistently deliver relevant restaurant experiences to customers. In addition, it facilitates their ability to implement innovat ive ideas and profitably grow the business worldwide.But since implementing the customer-centered Plan to succeed several years ago, their focus has been on being better, not just bigger. This essay covers developed by the Company top 10 challanges and described main corporative and economical issues. No matter what, McDonalds still suffers from political threats from wars between countries where the company operates. Also term Americanism that is associated with McDonalds Corporation described in this essay. It brings certain economical problems and threats of terrorist groups and attacks.

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