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Team Work Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Team Work - Research Paper ExampleMost of the businesses prefer squadwork skills among an single(a) while evaluating him/her for the employment purpose. All companies realize that team upwork is highly essential as either the products to be manufactured be very complex and require teamwork efforts for the merchandise purpose or a good product will be manufactured when a teamwork approach would be adapted for the absolute manufacturing process. Thus, it becomes definitive to perpetrate as a team while working in an organization. In teamwork, the instalments perform their function to meet the personal as well as the collection objectives and closings. The members working in a group feel a sense of authorization and ownership while performing their functions within a group, as these members are committed towards the common goals and objectives that fuddle been set by the group. The team members collaborate with each other and use their experiences and talents in an effectiv e manner to improve the boilers suit performance of the entire group. These members have the foundation of their success built on the trust towards the other members in the team where all the members in the team are encouraged to express their views, opinions, queries freely. The most advantageous part in a team work is that all the members have equal opportunity to participate in the decision making process within the organization, Moreover, there remains a level of understanding among all the members where they realize that the ultimate decision should be taken by the leader if the team as a whole cannot reach to any consensus agreement. Characteristics or features of an effective team 1. The team should have transparent goal The team goals must possess a specific performance objective, which would be expressed in a concise manner, so that it is clear to every member when the objective have been met. 2. The team should have result driven structure The team must operate and perfo rm its functions in such manner that it produces results for the organization. If a team is allowed to develop the structure, then it provides best results. 3. The team should possess competent team members The team members chosen for participating in the group must have the potentiality of being competent enough. The members must have the ability to tackle with the level of knowledge. 4. The team should always have unified commitment All the team members must direct their efforts and to a common goal, where the individual efforts would have the ability to meet the unified commitment. The prime advantage of teamwork is the ability to combine the talents and skills. A team gets advantageous from a broad array of talent and skills, which is not possible to be possessed by an individual employee. Collaboration and leadership play important role in increasing the efficiency of the team work. It is the responsibility of a good leader to handle the team with such efficacy that it increase s the performance of the entire team. At the same time, collaboration between the team members is necessary in order to improve the overall team work. The next part of the project would demonstrate about the importance of collaboration and leadership in teamwork. Team work and Collaboration Collaboration is one of the most important components of any team. It does not subject area whether the team is big or small but collaboration is necessary in every

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