Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sustainability and Global Warming Research Paper

Sustainability and globose Warming - Research Paper ExampleThe consequences be varied and many. Global warming is world phenomenon that has a bit of effects on the universal level. Global warming has a number of effects that range from the effects to the economy, atmosphere, environment and the wellness of the human beings. There ar varied effects to the atmosphere and nature. One of the most serious effects of the global warming is its effects on human beings in relation to health of the individual, civilizations and nations. There is need to integrate global warming happens and their impact in the risk guidance and strategic planning activities in the private and public heavens organizations (Dincer, Hepbasil and Midilli 424). Sustainable expansion and growth entails a wide range of knowledge with guiding issues and principles that are beyond the understanding of the economic and scientific reliablety (Corricut 1). Global warming is taken to be a kind of sustainability fact or and it should be considered during the sustainability management concept. Sustainability management is so useful when it comes to managing the global warming based factors and events. The have-to doe with between Global Warming and Sustainability The global warming events can either have negative impacts and dogmatic impacts or both at the same time. Risks are always represented by events that have negative impacts these risks (can) prevent the rate of creation or even grind down the existing values. Events that are associated with the positive impacts sometimes offset the negative impacts or rather represent more opportunities. These opportunities are considered to be possibilities, the possibilities of events occurring and positively affecting the achievements of objectives that are in support of value creation or even preservation (Karakoc and Yilmaz 3). The assessment of global warming is quite difficult because of the uncertainty it possesses. The intensity of global warm ing and its impact is not well known. Uncertainty also comes in among the decision makers because they do not know the extent of the impact of global warming at a certain level for their organization. The sustainability management is taken to be not a development (or a onetime event). As the sustainability management (SM) is embedded in the culture it is the demand of the effective threat to the management performance. The holistic sustainability management (SM) in the basis of environmental, Safety functions and health is considered principal(prenominal) to any institution (organization) but more important to the sustainability of the world. The global warming threats more the sustainability of the world. The global warming impacts create very important negative results to the economic, social and environmental systems. Its (global warming) risk is controlled by the holistic management that provides sustainability. The risk management is considered to be a major factor between th e global warming and sustainability. Threat Global warming sustainability Global warming risk management sustainability Sustainability Management Sustainability is based more on the recognition that resources are consumed faster more than they are produced/ manufactured. The resources are depleted and in the end capture used up. The societies demand on nature is always in balance with the natures capacity of meeting the demand in a sustainable world.

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